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We'll make sure your trees look great from top to bottom

The tree branches hanging over you roof or power lines are serious safety hazards and should be removed right away. However, not every tree company can handle hazardous tree branch removals. Thankfully, Tree Pro's Tree Service & Landscaping in Motley, MN can help. We specialize in hazardous tree branch removal and can work around any dangerous parts of your property.

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Offering a wide range of tree pruning services

Offering a wide range of tree pruning services

If you want to keep your trees looking healthy and beautiful, finding a tree care pro is a necessity. Our skilled professionals can:

  • Remove hazardous branches
  • Handle aesthetic tree trimming
  • Lift canopies to prevent low branch growth
When you need tree pruning services, rely on us. We'll clean up any and all debris, mulch fallen branches and rake your yard before we leave. Schedule tree pruning services today.

We recommend oak trimming in fall or spring.

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Keep your oak trees in great shape

Oak trees are strong and majestic landscape additions, so you should depend on experts to tend to them. You can count on us to evaluate your trees and recommend steps to improve their condition and appearance. Our oak tree pruning specialists will remove dead limbs and potential hazards to ensure your trees live long and healthy lives.

The best time to schedule oak tree pruning is between November and April. We recommend this time period to prevent oak wilt disease, which cannot be treated once it spreads. You won't have to worry about his infection or any other mishaps affecting your trees when you depend on our skilled experts. Reach out to us today to take the first step towards a healthier oak tree.