You've Ignored the Dead Tree in Your Backyard Long Enough

Turn to a professional team for tree removal services in Motley, MN and the surrounding area

The dead tree on your property is more than just an eyesore - it's a serious safety hazard. You don't want a tree to fall on your property and damage your home or car. Luckily, Tree Pro's Tree Service & Landscaping in Motley, MN offers emergency tree removal services. We'll cut down your unwanted tree as close to the ground as possible, and we can even grind your stump. You can also have our team cut your tree into logs that you can split for firewood.

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We'll remove your tree safely

We'll remove your tree safely

Removing a tree from the top down can be a dangerous job. You don't want falling branches to damage your property or cause serious injuries. That's why we take safety seriously. We have an experienced climber who handles all climbing tree removal services, and we use a lift to access upper branches securely.

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